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Smart data survey now open

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21 March 2024  

Smart Data Research UK’s strategic advice team is calling on members of the research community to participate in a new survey. The questionnaire focuses on building a greater understanding of the smart data research landscape.

The strategic advice team brings together a range of people involved in the smart data landscape. They include researchers, data owners, infrastructure experts, and more.

Researchers from the University of Liverpool and Newcastle University have designed the survey. They want to gain insights from people working in or interested in the area of smart data for research. 

Smart Data Research UK’s definition of smart data refers to data generated through everyday interactions with digital devices. These include mobile apps, digital marketplaces, social media, wearables, satnavs, sensors and smart technology. 

Respondents to the survey do not need expertise in working with smart data. The researchers are interested in a range of views and experiences. 

The survey will help to map the needs, challenges, enablers and best practice currently experienced by those working with smart data (and/or those who would like to in future), both in the UK and in collaboration with international partners, as well as tapping into what future directions of travel in this area could be. The results will also help inform the next steps for Smart Data Research UK.

Take part

The survey is now open! The questionnaire takes about 10-15 minutes to complete, and you can find all the details here: SDR UK Smart Data for Research – A Survey. 

Some of the questions used in the survey are based on findings from a series of interviews with key stakeholders that took place during 2023. Smart Data Research UK’s Senior Manager for Strategy and Partnerships, Rushil Ranchod, has been reflecting on some of the recurring themes and issues that emerged during that consultation process. You can read Rushil’s blog here


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