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We publish our own Smart Data Research UK material, plus relevant publications from partner organisations.

Smart Data Research UK will be producing and publishing documents relating to our strategy and relevant milestones, and we will publish publications from partner organisations.

Latest publications

Smart Data Research UK Strategy

Our strategy offers an overview of Smart Data Research UK. It details our remit, ambitions and plans up to 2029.

In the strategy, we outline our aim to unlock the power of new forms of data for research and innovation to solve social and economic challenges.

Four key objectives underpin all our activities:


Providing secure data access


Safeguarding public trust


Building capability for cutting-edge research


Generating social and economic benefits

The strategy for Smart Data Research UK includes our four thematic pillars that will guide our priorities for data acquisition, collaboration, and partnerships. These pillars have been defined through our strategic advice team’s consultation with the research community, alongside a review of government and UKRI priorities.

Our programme has been shaped by researchers, data experts, industry leaders and policymakers. We welcome your feedback, so please contact us at to engage further with the programme.

You can download our strategy here:

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