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Research themes

We drive cutting edge research that helps solve social and economic challenges.  

Productivity and prosperity for all

Smart data can help us understand what drives growth and innovation. It helps us plan infrastructure for different communities across the UK and tackle inequalities. The advent of smart data sources, such as professional social networks, transaction records and remote sensing provides a unique opportunity to study the factors that influence productivity and prosperity. 

Health and well-being

Smart data can provide insights to improve population health and tackle inequalities, helping us live longer, healthier lives. By using data from financial transactions, loyalty cards, social media and wearable devices, we can better understand the links between health, well-being, behaviours, circumstances and places.

Digital society

Smart data can provide insights about online safety, misinformation, the digital divide and the future of work. Studying data from social media, search queries and online activity is vital for understanding the challenges and opportunities of advancing technology. 


Smart data can help tackle issues such as decarbonisation, green growth and the transition to a sustainable future. Data generated through our use of devices and the data gathered by sensors have huge potential to support research related to environmental sustainability.

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