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Smart Data Research UK

Let’s do good
things with data

We’re the UK’s national programme for smart data research. Our mission is to unlock the power of data to improve lives.

What is smart data?

Smart data is made whenever we engage with the digital world. When we buy something, ‘like’ something, or get directions. If used for scientific research smart data can change our world. It can help us to understand important social challenges – from disease prevention to climate change.  

What we do

Working with companies

We bring together companies, researchers and the public to unlock the power of smart data for research. 

Supporting researchers

We provide researchers with safe access to smart data.

Our work

We prioritise public involvement, transparency, ethics and responsibility.

Research themes

Productivity and prosperity for all

Smart data can help us understand what drives growth and innovation. It helps us plan infrastructure for different communities across the UK, and tackle inequalities.

Health and wellbeing

Smart data can provide insights to improve population health and tackle inequalities, helping us live longer, healthier lives. 

Digital society

Smart data can provide insights about online safety, misinformation, the digital divide and the future of work. 


Smart data can help tackle issues such as decarbonisation, green growth and the transition to a sustainable future.

Latest news and funding

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Frank Gauld Smart Data Foundry Blog

World of Smart Data Research: 2

For the second in our new World of Smart Data Research series, we welcome Smart Data Foundry CEO, Frank Gauld.


Five more strategy highlights

In the second part of his blog, Rushil Ranchod, Smart Data Research UK's Senior Manager for Strategy and Partnerships, discusses five more things we learnt from the stakeholder engagement work that led to SDR UK's strategy.


World of Smart Data Research: 1

Our director, Joe Cuddeford, launches the first in a new blog series exploring the smart data research landscape.


Smart data survey now open

Take part in a new survey on smart data that will help inform the next steps for SDR UK's programme.

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