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Our mission is to unlock the power of data generated through everyday interactions with digital devices. We help researchers access and use this data safely to understand the way we live and address broader social, economic and environmental challenges. 

What we can offer

Smart Data Research UK is a new programme and we are establishing new data services for autumn/winter 2024. When these are up and running, we will provide researchers with: 

  • access to open datasets that don’t contain any personal or sensitive data
  • controlled access to protected safeguarded and secure data
  • expert help to understand and explore the data
  • research funding opportunities
  • training

Access smart data

Datasets can be accessed through our current data centres:

Consumer Data Research Centre is the UK’s leading source of consumer data. It offers data under three tiers: Open, Safeguarded and Secure. Topics include Population & Mobility, Retail Futures, Transport & Movement, Finance & Economy, and Digital. 

Access CDRC dataset catalogue

Urban Big Data Centre is a national data service based at the University of Glasgow. It promotes the use of smart data and innovative research methods to improve social, economic and environmental well-being in cities. 

Access UBDC dataset catalogue

Data sources and types

Smart Data Research UK is safely unlocking data generated through interactions with digital devices, such as: 

  • mobile apps
  • digital marketplaces 
  • social media 
  • wearables
  • satnavs
  • sensors
  • smart technology

These diverse data sources enable research on various social, economic and environmental issues. 

When combined with other datasets from surveys or administrative sources, we can make links between them, providing new knowledge and insights. They can also provide critical information for policymakers, giving evidence and context around major policy challenges and highlighting ways to resolve them. 

Ethics and responsibility

We follow the highest standards of ethical conduct and responsible data practices. We ensure data is governed in a trustworthy way for appropriate levels of privacy and full legal compliance.  

Learn more about our ethics and responsible data practices.

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